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Haworthia emelyae var. comptoniana

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Number Genus Species Variety/Forma/Subspecies Notes
BH Haworthia   unresolved  
BH Haworthia     ex Ron Evans 01/08/1987 
BH0001 Haworthia cymbiformis var. cymbiformis (var) Variegated
BH0002 Haworthia cymbiformis var. incurvula Ex AA in 10/1988, ex Peter Brandham at
BH0003 Haworthia cymbiformis var. cymbiformis HOWISONSPOORT - CG 244.
BH0004 Haworthia cymbiformis var. incurvula 10km. W. of PATENSIE. SS 1016,
BH0005 Haworthia cymbiformis var. cymbiformis Ex ABCN in 07/1987
BH0006 Haworthia cymbiformis var. transiens CCO 11 seed ex JUM parent plants,
      sown 15/08/1998.
BH0007 Haworthia cymbiformis var. cymbiformis  from Pip Smart, ? ex Bates Collection.
BH0008 Haworthia cymbiformis var. cymbiformis GGS 5066  Graham Walker, ex Bates ex
        GG Smith, RSA.
BH0009 Haworthia cymbiformis var. cymbiformis 1859/5066
BH0010 Haworthia mucronata var. polyphylla (u) ISI 1342 from J.R.Brown  from
        W.E.Armstrong of South Africa.
BH0011 Haworthia turgida var. turgida Haworthia Turgida willowmore
BH0012 Haworthia bolusii var. bolusii  
BH0013 Haworthia bolusii var. blackbeardiana From JUM 03/1987. 
BH0014 Haworthia altilinea  denticulata (u) ex Ron Evans 01/08/1987
BH0015 Haworthia pearsonii unresolved Ex JUM in 02/1988
BH0016 Haworthia cooperi var. pilfera  
BH0017 Haworthia cooperi var. cooperi  
BH0018 Haworthia mucronata var. mucronata Ex AA in 10/1988.
BH0019 Haworthia cooperi var. truncata ISI 1762 NE. of STUTTERHEIM & N. of
      MGWALI, in the Bolo Reserve, Cape
       Province, RSA. 
BH0020 Haworthia cymbiformis var. reddii ISI 91-113 Clone 4 Waterdowb Day,
      Cathart district
BH0021 Haworthia cooperi var. pilfera  
BH0022 Haworthia sessifolia unresolved ISI 1342
BH0023 Haworthia chloracantha var. denticulifera  
BH0024 Haworthia mucronata var. habdomadis Ex G&B Cacti, ex Sheilams, in 10/1988
BH0025 Haworthia reticulata var. attenuata  
BH0026 Haworthia mirabilis var. paradoxa CG 1102. Ex CG ex Dennie Plath, USA,
      received 1989.
BH0027 Haworthia maraisii var. maraisii Ex R Ginns 1976
BH0028 Haworthia emelyae var. multifolia ex YO 2765 seed sown 10/07/1989.
BH0029 Haworthia maruamiana var. maruamiana ex AA 10/1988 ex Naylor 
BH0030 Haworthia pearsonii unresolved Ex JUM 02/1988. Juicy green-soft pink
      heads - pretty.
BH0031 Haworthia variegata var. modesta  
BH0032 Haworthia retusa    
BH0034 Haworthia retusa    
BH0035 Haworthia angustofolia unresolved ISI 1210 H Herre near the type locality,
      northwest of Grahamstown, Cape
      Province, South Africa.
BH0036 Haworthia angustofolia var. angustofolia  
BH0037 Haworthia "Black Prince"    
BH0038 Haworthia zantneriana var. zantneriana ex JUM 1988
BH0039 Haworthia reticulata var. hurlingii OLIFANTSKRANZ - cliffs overlooking
      Breede River ex SS 1190 seed
BH0040 Haworthia turgida var.suberecta  
BH0040 Haworthia retusa var.suberecta  
BH0041 Haworthia mundula "Batwings" ISI 99-54 received from Bob Swan, USA
BH0042 Haworthia pygmaea var. pygmaea  
BH0043 Haworthia emelyae var. comptoniana  
BH0045 Haworthia magnifica var. dekanahii MOSSEL BAY ex CG  seed
BH0046 Haworthia gracilis var.tenera  
BH0047 Haworthia magnifica var. splendens  
BH0048 Haworthia maraisii var. maraisii Ex SWS in 10/1988.
BH0049 Haworthia mirabilis var. paradoxa  
BH0050 Haworthia bayeri   Ex lacy-veined parents
BH0051 Haworthia mutica var. mutica Protem
BH0052 Haworthia "Hot chocolate"    
BH0053 Haworthia emelyae var. emelyae  
BH0054 Haworthia limifolia var. ubomoensis Ex Bob Swan 07/09/1996 
BH0055 Haworthia   var. attenuata  
BH0056 Haworthia turgida    
BH0057 Haworthia emelyae var. comptoniana  
BH0058 Haworthia retusa    
BH0059 Haworthia emelyae var. comptoniana type locality near HEIDELBERG,
      Swellendam District, Cape Province
BH0060 Haworthia magnifica var. acuminata  
BH0061 Haworthia limifolia var. ubomoensis ISI 1339 G.G.Smith #5739 in the
      Ubombo Mountains near Stegi,
BH0062 Haworthia x truncata    
BH0063 Haworthia truncata var. maughanii  
BH0064 Haworthia pygmaea var. pygmaea CG 107 received 10/1988.
BH0065 Haworthia retusa unresolved Ex Bates Collection
BH0066 Haworthia venosa ssp.tessellata  
BH0067 Haworthia reticulata var. reticulata SS 1204 WOLFKLOOF
BH0068 Haworthia truncata Xcuspidata  
BH0069 Haworthia attenuata var. attenuata (var)  
BH0070 Haworthia magnifica var. acuminata (var) Ex MG
BH0071 Haworthia parksiana    
BH0072 Haworthia parksiana   YO # 741 ex YO Japan ex elderly
      Japanese collector
BH0073 Haworthia tortuosa v. curta unresolved Haworthia Tortuosa v. curta
BH0074 Haworthia maraisii var. notabilis WOLFKLOOF (type locality). SS 1203
BH0075 Haworthia pygmaea var. pygmaea  
BH0076 Haworthia venosa ssp.tessellata ISI 1403. near Namuskleift, Namibia.
BH0077 Haworthia truncata Xcuspidata  
BH0078 Haworthia magnifica var. atrofusca SPITSKOP, W.of Riversdale. Seed ex
      CG, ex LAV plants.
BH0079 Haworthia truncata var. truncata Ex seed  from David Clarke - Croydon
BH0081 Haworthia venosa ssp.tessellata  
BH0082 Haworthia viscosa   ISI 1670 Sundays River, South of
      Janseville, Graff Reinet District, Cape
      Province, South Africa.
BH0083 Haworthia angustofolia var. angustofolia ISI 649
BH0084 Haworthia decipens var. decipens ex Peter Brandham, Kew 663 63 66303,
BH0085 Haworthia limifolia var. ubomoensis Ex Bob Swan USA (H 284) ex Sybil
BH0086 Haworthia truncata var. maughanii
BH0087 Haworthia truncata var. truncata
BH0088 Haworthia limifolia var. limifolia Ex Bates Collection
BH0089 Haworthia kewensis Hybrid ISI 90-62 John Bates #331,
BH0090 Haworthia scabra var. morrisiae
BH0091 Haworthia glauca var. herrei Ex Alan Brown, Leicester BCSS (wrongly
 as H. armstrongii)
BH0092 Haworthia scabra var. starkiana
BH0093 Haworthia glauca var. herrei ISI 1214 from H Herre  at Paardeport,
Jansenville District, Cape Province,
BH0094 Haworthia kingiana CCO 67/68
BH0095 Haworthia blackburniae var. blackburniae ex CG 2015 ex Sheilams.
BH0096 Haworthia minima var. poellinitziana ISI 1572 West of SWELLENDAM, near
 Drew - (type locality ?). Ex CG 1480
BH0097 Haworthia coarctata f. greenii Ex ABCN in 07/1987.
BH0098 Haworthia heidelbergensis var. heidelbergensis CG 1442, received in 1989.
BH0099 Haworthia heidelbergensis var. heidelbergensis ISI 1857 type locality near HEIDELBERG,
Swellendam District, Cape Province,

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 Haworthia magnifica  var. splendens

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