Haworthia emelyae var. multifolia

Bill's Haworthias and Other Plants.

Haworthia emelyae var. comptoniana

Hi, thanks for visiting my site, which is currently under construction, so please pop back and see how it develops.

In darkest North Wales, on a lowland farm, I have a collection of over 600 Haworthia, 20 Astroloba, over 50 Gasteria, 3 Poellnitzia, quite a few Conophytums, Astrophytums and Turbinicarpus, as well as a general collection of other succulents and Cacti.

My total collection of over 1,500 plants is housed in a 12 x 18 greenhouse, but it will be 16 x 18 once I get the extension built. I also have a propagating area in a nearby stone building


Bill's Greenhouse

Apart from showing off my plants, the intention of this site is to develop an online reference source for Haworthia, Gasteria and Astroloba, to which  end I would welcome any contributions of information on any of the genus/species, pictures to fill gaps, distribution maps etc

 Haworthia magnifica  var. splendens

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 Haworthia truncata var. truncata

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