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General Tips on Cultivation

Based on my experiences growing in North Wales an area of moderate temperatures, relatively mild winters and high rainfall. In the main I use the same methods for all three genus. It is important to bear in mind every greenhouse creates it's own micro-climate influenced but the type, size, location, ventilation, heating, layout and number and types plants therefore what works for me may not be the ideal for you and your plants, but a variation on it may do.

Benching: Unusually my benches are solid, basically large waterproof trays, with 1/2 inch (12mm) of gravel on. Any water that runs out of the pots remains on the bench for up to a day and creates a short term dose of high humidity around the plants, which I feel is beneficial. I can drain the surplus if it is too cold to naturally evaporate.

Pots: Usually BEF square plastic

Soil: I use a mix of 30% John Innes No3, 30% horticultural grit, 30% vermiculite and 10% Tescos Premium Cat litter (expanded clay) this gives me a very open free draining mix.

I only ever use rain water and water early evening, this gives the plants all night to take up the moisture. I never completely soak my plants, I look to the pots to be drying out in less than a day. I water every 7-10 days from March/April to July,  then only once or twice if exceptionally warm in August, back to every 7-10 days until November and then maybe once a month of if needed until April. I never ever water any that have plants have not dried out from the previous watering.

Feeding: Simply put I don't. If you feel the need use either a weak tomato feed or one the proprietary ones like Chempak Cactus and Succulent Feed.

Heat: I maintain a minimum of 5 degrees centigrade all year

Light: My greenhouse is lightly shaded by use of bubble insulation all year and most Haworthia and Astroloba are on the top shelf, the Gasteria seem to thrive under the bench, although they will be moving to a higher bench in the spring, I'll let you know how they get on. I don't use artificial lighting for normal growing.

Ventilation: I have a fan running constantly and automatic vents in the greenhouse these start opening at 21 degrees centigrade, during the summer I leave the doors open 24/7. Because of our local squirrel population all vents and doors have 1/2" (12mm) mesh covers over them.

The result of all this is I rarely have trouble with root loss and plants rotting, my plants grow well and they and I are happy.

I hope this is of help, there are others who may have a differing opinion but this is what works for me.

For further help you could try
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Haworthia/ Some very very good growers are members of the group. Or think about joining the Haworthia Society or visit the BCSS Forum



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